CXG-XG200T Soldering Station


  • Dual temperature display (real-time survailance of dynamic temperature changes, avoiding false and virtual soldering appears. easy to operate.
  • The handle iron tip automatically tightens to ensure the temperature is very accurate.
  • With the CXG T193USB automatic temperature calibration only takes 5 seconds.
  • Any hang in different work stations, assembly lines, etc., saving work space.
  • The display content is automatically flipped with the hanging angle to ensure that the display content is always level.
  • Temperature range: 50 degrees – 500 degrees Power: 100W , 150W , 200W ,selection.

Product Description


Product Specifications
Model CXG-XG200T
power 200W
Heating element A1420/A1425
handle CXG 10T
Feature function Password lock temperature function, sleep, display screen with gravity rotation, handle display dynamic temperature, automatic tip tighten function, etc.
Heating rate  350°C/6 seconds
Tips  G1 Series Tips
powe cable  high temperature resistent power cord
Power supply  220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz
Temperature range  50~500°C
Replenishment temperature  +-50 ° C
Tip to ground resistance <2Ω
Tip to ground voltage  <2mV
Packing size 290*280*125mm
Weight / packing number 2.3kg / support, 8 / box
Product Description  Quantity
soldering station host 1
Soldering iron handle CXG 10T 1
Soldering iron seat 1
Wet sponge 1
Power cord 1
Instruction manual 1

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