CXG 942T Soldering Station



  • High power free lead soldering station, prompt temperature recovery, apply to lower temperature welding or free lead soldering.
  • Temperature dominated by insert card, preventing temperature changing unexpectedly and unnecessarily.
  • Digital temperature correcting function.
  • Light portable handle which is excellent for long time using.
  • Automatic power off function.
  • Temperature display in Fahrenheit or centigrade.
  • Setting minimum temperature to effectively avoid welding hole or weak welding.

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Product Description

key card lock temperature changes “Use the lockout key card to enter temperature settings into the system memory, then when the card is removed, all parameter settings are “locked" into the system memory and cannot be changed without the key card. This feature guards against an operator making accidental or unauthorized temperature changes." “easy-to-read variable airflow meter "

Model CXG_942T
Handle CXG909A
Temperature rising speed 350 C/13s
Special Feature card plug in type security control in case other person to set temperature
Handle length 190mm
Power consumption 75W
Output voltage 24V
Temperature range 200-450°/392-842C
±1°(when no work)
Tip Support C8/900m
Heating element Ceramic heater at 1365
Wire Length 1.2m
Dimension 275*235*135mm
Body Weight 2.5kg
External Size 188(L)x100(W)x106(H)mm
Power Supply 220V/110V
Replenishment Temperature +-50C
Tip to Ground Resistance <2Ω
Tip to Ground Potential <2mV
Package Dimensions 275*263*135mm
Weight / boxing number 2.5kg/ set,8/box


Should I Use high-temperature welding as much as possible?

No,the high temperature will accelerate the oxidation of the soldering iron head and reduce the life of the soldering iron head. If the welding head temperature over 470 ℃, its oxidation rate is twice as large as 380 ℃.

Should I push very hard when i use the soldering iron?

No,when welding, do not push too hard, or it will cause the iron head to be damaged. As long as the soldering iron head is fully exposed to the solder, heat can be transferred. Also, select the right solder head to help heat transfer.

Should I always maintain soldering iron tin soldering?

Yes,this can reduce the oxidation chance of the soldering iron head and make the iron head more durable. After use, should reduce the temperature of soldering iron slightly to add the new soldering tin so that the tin coating has a better antioxidant effect.

Should I keep soldering iron head clean and timely cleaning oxide?

Yes,If the soldering iron has black oxide on its head, which must be cleaned immediately. clean the solder with a clean sponge and then soldering tin(do not use sandpaper or hard material to clean the solder).

Should I use active flux?

No.highly active or highly corrosive flux can accelerate the corrosion of the soldering iron head during heating, so it should be used for low corrosive flux.

Should I put the solder iron on the soldering stand?

Yes, if you do not need to use the solder iron, should carefully put it on the proper soldering stand,in case the soldering iron head damaged by the collision.

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